wsusoffline update (el nuevo c’t update)

hey, hola. ¿que tal?, pues aqui les ofrezco otra actualizacion del c’t update, pero esta vez ha cambiado de nombre y con supuestos cambios, la nueva version que hace todos en uno y cds de actualizaciones de los productos de microsoft se llama ahora wsusoffline update, esta utilidad, te hace una ISO con todas las actualizaciones de cualquier producto windows (del 2000 hasta el windows 7) y del office (del 2003 al 2007), y que luego despues si se desea, te hace un dvd (todo en uno) de todas las actualizaciones de la marca microsoft, yo lo he probado y funciona perfectamente, al introducirlo lo que hace es una instalacion desatendida de todas las actualizaciones, de todos los productos microsoft, de forma que tu introduces el cd de las actualizaciones del producto windows o office a instalar, activas todas las actualizaciones que quieras instalar, activas la casilla de reboot, le das a start y ya puedes hacer todas las tareas que tu quieras, cuando se termina, ya te habra instalado las actualizaciones, en resumen, una aplicacion muy recomendable.

mejoras (6.5 y 6.5.1):

Modifications in version 6.51

– HashDeep utility updated to version 3.6
– Fix: Windows Script Host (WSH) v. 5.7 will now be installed on Windows 2000 and Server 2003 (x86) systems since Microsoft removed WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-*.exe files (Thanks to “roba0665” and “Denniss”)
– Fix: office2007-kb947318-fullfile-x86-glb.exe was missed (Thanks to “wsususer”)
– Fix: OfficeXP-kb832668-v2-fullfile-enu.exe was missed due to an invalid URL in Microsoft’s update catalog file (Thanks to “mjakobi” and “boco”)

Modifications in version 6.5

– Office updates up to 03/2010 integrated by static definitions
– Optional installation of Windows PowerShell 2.0 on Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista (x86/x64) systems
– Optional installation of most recent Windows Media Player on Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 (x86/x64) systems
– Optional installation of most recent Windows Terminal Services Client (Remote Desktop Connection) on Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista (x86/x64) systems
– Optional client side hash verification of update installation packages
– Custom additional configuration capabilities added to download and installation parts’ static and exclude directories (Thanks to Eberhard Werle and “boco”)
– Custom initialization and finalization hook capabilities added to DownloadUpdates.cmd and DoUpdate.cmd scripts (Thanks to “petebob796”)
– UpdateGenerator script will now show log file on demand after downloading (Thanks to “Automatix”)
– UpdateInstaller script will now allow automatic reboot option even if started from a network share on Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 (R2) systems
– DoUpdate.cmd script will now exit with errorlevel 3011 if recall after reboot is required and still exit with errorlevel 3010 if reboot only is required (Thanks to “othiman”)
– AutoIt script compiler updated to version
– Static download definitions added for Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP (Thanks to “nicname”)
– Fix: Security Update for Microsoft Office 2003 File Converter Pack (KB974882) could have been missed (Thanks to “Denniss”)
– Fix: Security Update for Microsoft Office 2003 File Converter Pack (KB974882) was installed using invalid parameters (Thanks to “-Iwan-“)
– Fix: PowerPoint Updates KB973143 (oxp) and KB976881 (o2k3) replaced KB957781 (oxp) and KB957784 (o2k3), which will now be excluded (Thanks to “Denniss”)
– Fix: Download XSLT filters will now check for valid ‘http://’ prefixes in URLs (Thanks to “automatix”)
– Fix: DownloadUpdates.cmd script won’t any longer delete in order to work around Microsoft’s versioning problems (Thanks to “automatix”, “boco” and “harry”)
– Fix: For x86 target platforms, .NET x64 patches were additionally downloaded and vice versa (Thanks to “wsususer”)
– Fix: Chinese traditional language option was erroneously labelled “Taiwanese” in UpdateGenerator script (Thanks to “wyattwong”)
– Fix: script downloaded two copies of XP SP3 (Thanks to “nebyah”)
– Fix: script contained obsolete removal of (Thanks to “nebyah”)
– Fix: Missing variable initialization in script could lead to syntax error (Thanks to Ulrich Windl)
– Fix: Replaced Microsoft’s unstable file hash computation tool fciv.exe by open source utility hashdeep.exe (Thanks to “insertrealname” and “boco”)
– Fix: SetTargetEnvVars.cmd script expects Windows Update Agent (WUA) version 7.4.7600.226 now (Thanks to Mark Gerber)
– Fix: Decreased “cross-product” ISO image sizes by removing legacy Windows 2000 platform



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